Thank you for your interest in Genesis Real Estate & Management and the services that we offer!  We are a full-service run Real Estate Company & Property Management Company, and are happy and have the experience to handle all of your real estate property purchase, property sales and property management needs.  We are equipped with a solid team of professionals to handle all your needs.  We have a Land Professional experienced with 1031 exchanges, Property Manager, Listing Broker and two buyers agents.  We have an approved service vender list we can share with our clients that includes, cleaners, maintenance workers, and much more!  We are able to provide essential property management, property sales services to you at a reasonable rate!  

More about Property Management with Genesis Real Estate & Management.  Because we have established a limit on the number of properties we will manage, our property owners are confident that their investment is being managed properly and professionally. We know each of our owners and tenants by name, and therefore can conduct business and interact with them on a more personable level. We believe that this makes their experience as owner or tenant more enjoyable and free of worry. 
Please feel free to contact the Designated Broker "Daniel Reichardt" or anyone on his team for additional information on our services that we offer!  We would be happy to meet with you one on one to discuss your personal needs and concerns regarding your Real Estate needs.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your Real Estate needs.
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Daniel Reichardt
Daniel Reichardt
Designated Broker
1160 N Craycroft Rd Tucson AZ 85712